The International Planned Parenthood Federation: Leaving A Lasting Impression

Orbit Software Solutions is proud to have worked with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), an international NGO that serves the underprivileged in the areas of family planning; abortion; maternal and child health care; and STI/HIV treatment, prevention, and care. Keeping in mind its huge international audience, Orbit Software Solutions developed a backend solution that was carefully coordinated, meticulously planned, and easy to use.

Robust Architecture

We used Drupal Open Atrium to help create this easily navigable website. Streamlining the site’s navigation and creating a visually enhanced web structure made the website more responsive. And given our fondness for open source, we decided to use Drupal’s Open Source Content Management System for regular and swift updates.

Ease of Information

Considering the multitude of services offered by IPPF, its huge audience, and increasing number of member organizations, Orbit Software Solutions planned a website with an information flow that tightly interlinked topics. Given the vastness of the site, we also developed a search tool (using two different engines) so that users could efficiently search by language, content type, and topic.

Streamlining Content & Resources

To cater to the international member associations of the IPPF, Orbit Software Solutions designed a world map with clickable areas that provided the desired country’s data, as well as details about each country’s member organizations. Using Drupal Organic Groups, we also split the map into regions so that each regional website admin could easily update content across regional websites.